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Director Ava DuVernay Takes Over Twitter

#MusicMondays Chicago native Lucki Eck$ “Count On Me”

Lucki Eck$ brings a unique style to the Chicago rap scene, his mellow style and word play is a complete contrast to Chicago’s “Drill Movement” which is filled with gun slinging and uptempo beats. He brings a refreshing sound to a city filled with music clones so check him out!

#MusicMondays Check out South Floridas Robb Bank$ “Let Me See it”

Whoever would have thought the son of dancehall legend Shaggy would become one of South Florida top independent artist? Well with a complete different style from his dad Robb Bank$ continues to drop some very good music. Check out his new single “Let Me See it”

#MusicMondays “Curtains in The Back” MJG ft Daz & Rahiem

#MusicMonday Check out Hip-Hop Legend Rahiem’s new single “Curtains in The Back” MJG ft Daz & Rahiem.
Rahiem continues to be a major influence in Hip-Hop not only through music but the culture itself.

Formerly a member of the Hip-Hop group Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, a major contributor towards the advancement of Hip-Hop, and was inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2007.

#MusicMondays Ace Mercano “Feel it All Around Again”

#MusicModays Independent artist Ace Mercano “Feel it All Around”
But Remeber Black is BEAUTIFUL!!

Tuesday, June 24th New York’s 13 District Congressional Election…

Tomorrow, here in New York City, the 13th District Congressional Election is being held. The district is made up of communities in Harlem and sections of the West Bronx, with many residents desiring change. Candidate Mike Walrond is that change! Vote #WalrondForCongress #MikeForCongress #NowIsTheTime

Check out the WalrondForCongress: Hope video below. Please share, and if you live in #NY13 don’t forget to vote and tell your family and friends to do the same. Let’s make history tomorrow.


WalrondforCongress: Hope from WalrondforCongress on Vimeo.

#MusicMondays New Spaghetti Boyz DJ mix By Kerwin Frost- Text Me Back Vol.1

Check out the new official Spaghetti Boyz Dj Mix “Text me Back” Vol.1 #MusicMondays


#MusicMondays New Video Dante Hawkins – “Nation Is One”…

Check out the new official music video from Dante Hawkins “Nation Is One” #MusicMondays

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