About Us

Tiffany Braxton
Founder & CEO

Midnight Management’s roots stem from the word midnight‚ a constant and unstoppable force that occurs every night at 12:00 AM‚ signifying a new day. We represent constant growth and look to create positive change in the lives of the individuals whom we service, as well as in our communities.

Midnight Management is an entrepreneurial and small business development company servicing a variety of clientele based on their individual needs, in the following areas:

*Public Relations
*Video and Live Production
*Social Media and Brand Management

We take pride in understanding our clients, and are dedicated to working smart and delivering quality service every time.  Our passion lies in helping those who are new to working for themselves (Solopreneurs), assisting the novice solopreneur or business owner in bringing their idea to life or providing direction, along with clear strategies uniquely designed to define and build a strong brand. Learn more about our Business Starter Packages (see image at page bottom), for those who are totally new to business. We are also available to work with companies on a project basis, with the coordinating, marketing, and promotion of any artist, concept, or event!

We are extremely proud of our work with Not-for-Profit Organizations that are committed to creating positive change. We join them in bringing awareness to issues of importance related to health, youth, adults, veterans and the community-at-large. It is our desire to continuously produce and/or promote events with a purpose.

For more information on specific organizations and/or campaign initiatives, please click on our Not-for-Profits Page.

Interested in becoming an Entrepreneur? There are some really cool opportunities located in our BiZ Opps. page, click the link on the menu located at the top; you can be on your way to earning additional income and working towards building residual income in a matter of minutes. Check it out now, only thing you have to lose is your job! Get connected with leaders who are ready to help you win, all it takes is a decision.


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