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Do You Want to Lose Weight But Have Had No Success…

If this is you, then you need to join us for the upcoming #30303Challenge.  Check out the video below explaining the challenge and how you can take part.  #LoseWeight with a supportive community focused on getting healthier from the inside out, without dieting but losing weight naturally.  Here is the link to join us in our private Stand4Health FB Group.

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Create New York Presents:”HE IS – A Day For Men” – Saturday, September 30, 2017

CREATE New York, a group experience focused on theatre, art, culture and community, developed by the Theatre Development Fund (tdf) and The Dream Center Harlem presents “HE IS – A Day For MEn!”  With workshops, speakers, performances, food, giveaways and more, the day will be centered around three E’s with a goal to Educate MEn, Enhance and Embrace MEn from age 16 to adult.

The event is being held at The Dream Center Harlem, located 205 West 119th Street on Saturday, September 30, 2017.  Doors will open at 12pm for Registration and Workshops begin at 1pm.

CREATE New York – Group Two, chose to focus on MEN for their first community project, although a tough population to engage, they were willing to take on the challenge and put together this event all  for and in support of men.  Help CREATE New York make this event a success, by attending if you are a male 16 years of age and above, spreading the word to other men, and sharing with a male you think would benefit.

Official Event Flyer Below:



Media Contact: Tiffany Braxton




NEW YORK, NY (February 10, 2017) – Veterans Entrepreneurial Development Initiatives, (VEDI), Incorporated is set to recognize the “unsung” heroes and sheroes on the home front who make a difference for long term sustainability for returning veterans and their families. With the launch of “VEDI 25”, the community based, veteran-focused organization will pay tribute to individuals and organizations that operate in the “domestic trenches” to build up positive and productive infrastructures for veterans to effectively return to civilian life.

“We will not only recognize those who put the needs of veterans first, but actually step up to do something,” stated Meta J. Mereday, VEDI, Inc. Founder and Domestic Warrior for Veterans.  “I am so passionate about helping our veterans and re-igniting the veteran community and I know that there are others out there who did not serve, but are battling everyday here at home to help those who protected us.  I come from a military family and a family of advocates, so my service has been on the home front because I stand on the shoulders of those who served on many fronts.”

The “VEDI 25” will be comprised of a select group that will be the launch of the VEDI “Circle of Champions for Vets” which will include an annual class of 25 who will be selected by VEDI Team members and advisory board members based on proven results and recommendations. “This selection will not be determined by ‘likes” but by actions that have elevated the condition of veterans and improved their long term sustainability,” added Mereday. “Grass roots efforts, while underfunded, are the true fabric that supports veteran empowerment. We do not have the luxury or cushion to waste time or money.  Veteran Lives are in jeopardy daily and the ‘VEDI 25’ will represent those who are in the domestic trenches with us lifting up our veterans.”

Meta, the VEDI team and their community partners have been in the forefront of addressing the needs of veterans and their families who too often fall through the cracks of the broken system and bridge gaps – even with limited resources – to make a difference that generates a ripple effect of results.  Whether it is advocating for legislation to improve access for veteran businesses to procurement opportunities and advocating for waivers for student veterans to register for classes without delays, to moving a veteran family during a tropical storm and helping to keep veterans in their homes; VEDI has made its mark as a true advocacy organization for veterans.  During this process, the team has developed relationships with individuals and organizations that have gone “above and beyond” in providing assistance to the VEDI model of empowering the veteran community.

Veterans Entrepreneurial Development Initiatives (VEDI) Inc. is a 501(c)(3) New York State not for profit organization that was established to collaborate with various organizations to create an effective national model to grow veteran businesses, increase veteran employment and ignite veteran community empowerment.

For more information about VEDI, Inc and its “VEDI 25” and “VEDI Circle of Champions” Contact: Tiffany Braxton via Email:  or Phone: 860 698-0643.


Client News: VEDI, Inc. Launches Fundraiser Campaign

Veterans Entrepreneurial Development Initiatives, Inc. (VEDI) a New York based 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization has launched a fundraiser campaign. The organization has been doing amazing, in the trenches work for veterans for some time now with no main funding source. The monetary goal for the campaign is 75K, which would go far in helping the organization with three main projects they have in the works. Visit VEDI’s campaign page to learn more about the projects and work they are doing or to make a donation, remember even a little bit can go a long way and VEDI needs your support today!

In the interest of our Veterans… GoFundMe Link:

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