Not-for-Profit Affiliations

We take pride in our work of bringing awareness to and developing fundraising strategies for the following New York based organizations.


Empowered Health Partnerships, Inc. (EHP)

EHP was founded to address and bring awareness to various health disparities affecting urban communities world-wide. SAVE 41 is EHP’s first initiative which concentrates on the millions of americans pre-disposed to type II diabetes. Upon conception of the initiative, 41 million people were pre-disposed to this disease, hence the name SAVE 41 – since then the number has grown tremendously.

Follow EHP on twitter @EHPHealth for information and updates. To donate or help with the SAVE 41 Initiative email


Veterans Entrepreneurial Development Initiatives, Inc. (VEDI)
VEDI was established to collaborate with various organizations to create an effective national model to build programs that will grow veteran businesses and increase veteran employment. VEDI works with local colleges and universities to develop programs to increase veteran entrepreneurial training and employment outreach.

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