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Client News: Visual Artist Kraig Blue – Interview on The”Brick By Brick” Show

Check out this interview with Visual Artist, Kraig Blue of New York City with Host, Bro. Ron on Season 1 of the Brick By Brick Show.  During this sit-down interview Brother Ron gets deep, we learn how Kraig Blue got started as an Artist, his broad work history surrounding art and the New York City museum scene, his artistic style and a whole lot more.

Visit Kraig Blue’s Website to view past and current work.  To commission original work by Kraig Blue or if interested in purchasing art, please contact his Manager, Tiffany Braxton via email at: KBlueArt@MidnightManagement.com with “Art Inquiry” in subject line or call 860 698-0643.

April is National Minority Health Month

Making your health a top priority is of utmost importance. Be empowered and make sure you know what is going on with your body. Is your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels normal? Have you had a physical within the last year? Are you informed of your family’s history with regards to hereditary diseases and the like? We want you to be proactive when it comes to your health.

Know that most of the times African-Americans are more likely to lose their lives to certain diseases at disproportionate rates compared to other races. This week is also Minority Cancer Awareness Week, seek out information, learn the signs and remember that early detection is the key to survival for most cancers.

Check out Midnight Management’s Founder & CEO, Tiffany Braxton’s blog, BlackWomenStandUp.com where she is the Co-Founder and learn all about their Gynecological and Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative “Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day” fueled by the hashtag #CheckUpOnIt. Lots of information has been shared this week with regards to gynecological cancers on the site and via their Twitter page @BlkWomenStandUp.

Let’s keep the conversation surrounding health ongoing beyond National Minority Health Month. We recently lost a Hip-Hop Legend to complications with Diabetes, Phife Dawg from Tribe Called Quest, and Doug Banks a long-time radio personality. R.I.P. to these Kings. Both diabetes and cancer are two diseases that plague African-American families and communities, so it is in our best interest to empower ourselves with information for awareness and prevention.

Client News: VEDI, Inc. Launches GoFundMe.com Fundraiser Campaign

Veterans Entrepreneurial Development Initiatives, Inc. (VEDI) a New York based 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization has launched a GoFundMe.com fundraiser campaign. The organization has been doing amazing, in the trenches work for veterans for some time now with no main funding source. The monetary goal for the campaign is 75K, which would go far in helping the organization with three main projects they have in the works. Visit VEDI’s campaign page to learn more about the projects and work they are doing or to make a donation, remember even a little bit can go a long way and VEDI needs your support today!

In the interest of our Veterans… GoFundMe Link: https://www.gofundme.com/wp5586u8

Check out the video below.

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Tuesday, June 24th New York’s 13 District Congressional Election…

Tomorrow, here in New York City, the 13th District Congressional Election is being held. The district is made up of communities in Harlem and sections of the West Bronx, with many residents desiring change. Candidate Mike Walrond is that change! Vote #WalrondForCongress #MikeForCongress #NowIsTheTime

Check out the WalrondForCongress: Hope video below. Please share, and if you live in #NY13 don’t forget to vote and tell your family and friends to do the same. Let’s make history tomorrow.


WalrondforCongress: Hope from WalrondforCongress on Vimeo.